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BBC Article – Norway’s northernmost frontier

Norway’s northernmost frontier (BBC article) 12 January 2012|By Alex von Tunzelmann, Lonely Planet Magazine Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost town, is the adoptive home to a surprising number of nationalities – 26 in total. (Press Association) In the Arctic blizzard, there is nothing but white. White above, white below, white in every direction. It is impossible to … Continue reading

Love Sweden!

Sophia Kokosalki

Fall 2011 backstage at Amsterdam catwalk

A little snippet of backstage at Amsterdam Catwalk show.

Marion Ravn in Gold Haaning & Htoon Dress – Idol Judge

Marion Ravn Judge on Idol looking fab!                        

Vogue Website Ss12 LINK to VOGUE webiste    

Karl Lagerfeld

Mimi looking fab in Haaning and Htoon